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Lightweight solutions to everyday problems.


A simplified smart time tracker with app usage statistics.

Cryptey iOS

A cryptocurrency ticker for your iPhone.

Handy Break

Manage healthy and productivity-boosting breaks from you menu bar.


World clocks in your menu bar.


A notes manager for you menu bar.


A beautiful voice recorder for your dock.

Nice Sticky

A beautiful and customizable sticky notes manager.


An elegant timer and stopwatch dock app.


A customizable world clock in your dock.


 A menubar app usage tracker.


A lightning fast menubar alarms manager.

Handy Converter

A lightweight and easy to use menubar unit converter.


A streamlined menubar cryptocurrency ticker.

Nice Todo

An iCloud synced easy to use checklist manager with customizable appearance.


A fast and lightweight menubar app launcher with customizable hotkeys.


A lightweight menubar checklist manager with iCloud sync.

Nice Clipboard

An iCloud synced clipboard history for your Mac and iOS devices.

Nice Timer 2

An eye-candy timer that floats on your screen. Built with care and newest Apple technologies.

 Timey 2

A timer that lives in menubar.

Web Launchey

A powerful menubar web app launcher.


An easy to use menubar diary app with calendar event reminders.


A minimalistic and easy to use voice memo recorder for your Mac.

Nice Generator

Simple, yet powerful random password, phrase, item generator for Mac and iOS.